A Colorful Tie Wedding at The Bordone LIC

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A colorful tie wedding at The Bordone LIC:

In the heart of Queens, New York City, Ameer & Tim’s elegant rooftop wedding at The Bordone LIC stands as a unique and memorable celebration. Breaking away from traditional norms, this colorful-tie (a vibrant substitute for the black-tie dress code) affair captured the essence of their personalities. Every detail reflected the couple’s love story. As a New York City wedding videographer, capturing the vibrancy of this event was an exhilarating experience.

A Rooftop Oasis in Queens

The Bordone LIC, boasting mesmerizing views of the New York City skyline, provided an idyllic setting for Ameer and Tim’s union. Nestled atop the city’s energetic streets, the rooftop became a romantic haven, offering an intimate backdrop to their love story. The setting sun painted the skyline in a tapestry of lights, transforming the celebration into a breathtaking spectacle. Our advice? Make sure to take advantage of some gorgeous lounge sets during your cocktail hour, so that you guests can relax in style as they look out over the stunning skyline.

Color Splashes of Elegance at The Bordone LIC

Departing from tradition, the couple chose a colorful-tie wedding dress code at the Bordone LIC to infuse their wedding with a touch of vibrancy. This creative decision encouraged guests to express their unique styles through a kaleidoscope of tie variations. The result was an atmosphere of playfulness that perfectly complemented the sophistication of the event. This fresh approach set the stage for an enjoyable and relaxed ambiance, allowing guests to freely showcase their individuality.

Personal Touches Make All the Difference

Ameer & Tim’s wedding was a tapestry woven with personal touches, creating an unforgettable experience. Handcrafted centerpieces reflecting their shared passion for travel (each table number, representing a place they visited together) and heartfelt vows exchanged against the cityscape showcased their journey. A table adorned with a hand-drawn portrait of the two of them recounted their love story, inviting guests to be part of their narrative.

Four Legged Family Members join the Festivities

Tim and Ameer extended their love to their four-legged companions. This underscored the uniqueness of their bond. A portrait session in idyllic Brooklyn amongst brownstones and green trees captured the genuine affection they shared with their dogs, encapsulating their journey in familiar surroundings. Foxtrot (their fun loving Shiba Inu) and Sazerac (their playful pug) sported adorable bowties that harmonized with the event’s colorful-tie theme.

Capturing the Essence of Love

As a New York City wedding videographer, our aim was to encapsulate the essence of Tim and Ameer’s love story. Their walk through Brooklyn allowed us to capture candid moments, embodying the authenticity of their connection. Set against the backdrop of their own neighborhood, these visuals conveyed their journey in a tangible and heartwarming manner.

A Celebration to Be Cherished

The celebration resonated with the joy of two souls uniting. Laughter, music, and many heartfelt toasts brought The Bordone LIC’s rooftop to life. The array of vibrant attire donned by guests symbolized the couple’s colorful journey, while the city’s skyline witnessed the profound love that brought them together. The night continued to sparkle under the disco ball! A whimsical choreographed dance by Beyonce was had performed! A traditional Lebanese dance lifted the couple up on shoulders and took them around the room. A pair of personalized sunglasses made its way through the reception!

In conclusion

Ameer and Tim’s rooftop wedding at The Bordone LIC redefines elegance and authenticity. This vibrant event had personal touches and charming inclusion of their sweet dogs. The event expressed love, laughter, and happy tears of their family and chosen family. This wedding is a testament to embracing individuality. As a New York City wedding videographer, it was an honor to capture their exceptional celebration of love. This wedding not only serves as an inspiration for couples seeking to infuse their personalities into their special day but also stands as a visual testimony to the bond that unites two souls in the heart of the city that never sleeps.


Photo & Video: For Fearless Hearts

Venue: The Bordone LIC

Planning: Bartleby and Sage

Catering: Bartleby and Sage

Florals: Olivia Howard Designs

DJ: 74 Events

Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals

Lighting: Universal Light & Sound NYC

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