Wedding season is well underway, and there are plenty of great venues near New York City that are excellent for a spring or summer wedding. But we’re particularly impressed with The Art Factory, a venue in Paterson, New Jersey, that’s the perfect location for medium to large weddings. If you’re thinking of planning an Art Factory wedding, there are several aspects you should consider.

The Art Factory has wedding planners to assist you in creating the perfect wedding day, from managing transportation to picking locations for your ceremony and reception. However, it’s important to know your preferences and learn more about the space before booking your wedding.

We here at For Fearless Hearts have provided videography for several weddings at The Art Factory. We’ve compiled our insider information to create an Art Factory wedding guide for you. Here’s everything you need to know about planning an Art Factory wedding.

#1 – Have A Clear Idea About Your Theme

When coming up with ideas for how you want your wedding to look, it’s crucial to have a clear theme. Whether that be a color palette, an homage to a certain decade or something more whimsical, having a cohesive theme will help bring all the aspects of your wedding together.

The Art Factory is a very unique space with many venues on different floors. Its massive layout offers multiple ceremony and reception options to fit any style. While it will always have an industrial chic vibe, it offers a clean palette for your decor, which will completely transform the space into whatever theme you’re looking for.

From a roaring 20’s wedding to a classic black and white traditional wedding, an Art Factory wedding can easily cater to your design needs.

#2 – Check Your Guest List

As you create your guest list, remember it’s unlikely that everyone will be able to attend. Plan for changes, which will likely happen due to plus-one requests or last-minute cancellations. You can rely on 80% of your guests coming to your Art Factory wedding, so if you want to have a big wedding, plan accordingly. When finding a venue for your wedding, you want to ensure you have enough space to seat everyone easily.

Art Factory has nearly 300,000 square feet of space and can easily host up to 500 guests, making it the perfect venue for larger weddings. They also have several smaller areas for intimate ceremonies and receptions, which are perfect for small to medium weddings.

Regardless of how many people you invite, everyone will be comfortable for your special day.

#3 – Indoor or Outdoor Art Factory Wedding

Some happy couples decide to have an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. Others prefer things the other way around. Some opt for a fully outdoor or fully indoor wedding and reception. All of these options are fantastic and work well at The Art Factory.

If you’re hoping to have an outdoor wedding, it’s crucial to have indoor options in case of unexpected changes in the weather. When you book an Art Factory wedding, you can have the best of both worlds. It’s set up to accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings, which makes it easy for you and your guests to move the location of your wedding if necessary.

Also, if the weather is nice, you may want to explore the surrounding area for photography and videography. You can get some amazing outdoor photos, from the industrial architecture to the gorgeous Paterson Falls.

Keep in mind that the space can get dark quickly, especially in the winter months. This is important for your photographer and videographers to know. As videographers, For Fearless Hearts will always be sure to bring adequate lighting to make your special day shine.

#4 – Schedule In-House Catering or Outside Catering

Finding a caterer can be a trying process, especially when it comes to wedding season. Many couples decide to work with the Art Factory wedding caterers since they can provide delicious food, snacks and dessert for their guests. However, some prefer to bring outside catering for their wedding.

When scheduling your catering, make sure you have a well-rounded guest list and be aware of any dietary concerns ahead of time. That way, no matter who comes to your Art Factory wedding, everyone will have something wonderful to eat. And one more thing: don’t forget to figure out your wedding beverage service.

#5 – Wine and Beer or Open Bar

One common question you’ll hear when planning your reception is, “Do you want to have an open bar at your wedding?” The answer may be straightforward or more complicated, depending on your preferences and the preferences of your guests. When in doubt, go with the option that feels right for you and your partner.

Guests may prefer to have an open bar, but you may prefer basic beverage service. Or you may only want to serve wine and beer. Art Factory has full-service bar and beverage services available for weddings and will happily match your needs. Either way, strike a balance between meeting your guest’s wishes and respecting your own.

Lastly, regardless of whether you decide to serve alcohol at your wedding, it’s essential to have a transportation plan in place for guests. This is especially important if you have guests coming to your Art Factory wedding from New York City.

#6 – Arrange Transportation For Guests

If you provide transportation options ahead of time, you lessen the chance of someone getting lost either coming to or going home from your Art Factory wedding.

The Art Factory is located in Paterson, New Jersey, which is a short drive from New York City. Your guests can come to your wedding by car, train or bus. Art Factory also has ample parking space, so if you have guests driving in from out of town, they can find parking easily.

Make sure you have a transportation plan in place to get everyone back to their respective homes after your Art Factory wedding is over. You can either use a taxi service or hire a bus service to shuttle guests back to New York City.

Final Thoughts on Planning an Art Factory Wedding

Even though wedding planning can feel all-consuming, it ultimately should make you feel excited about your wedding day. And finding the right venue for your wedding is vital to the success of the rest of your wedding planning. 

The Art Factory is a fantastic location for a wedding thanks to various indoor and outdoor locations, top-notch service and well-rounded food and drink menu. Plus, their years of experience allow them to provide unbeatable service for your wedding. When you book an Art Factory wedding, you’re sure to have a memorable day everyone will enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about booking an Art Factory wedding or want to hear about For Fearless Hearts wedding videography, we’d love to connect with you!

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