Bride and groom smiling at each other as bride holds dog's leash; image overlaid with text that reads Little Compton Wedding at the Cliffside

Kendall and Brian held a beautiful Little Compton wedding against an impressive backdrop of rocks, sea, and elegance. The landscape inspired the theme and emphasized the natural beauty of this Little Compton wedding with a lovely blue palette of whites and natural wood.

The Wedding Location And Our Role

Kendall and Brian decided to use a private estate in Little Compton, Rhode Island. They put a lot of thought into their choice and every other aspect of their wedding, and it showed. The cliffside area impressed with its raw, natural beauty, and the wedding had the feel of a friendly get-together with a little extra flair.

We were honored to capture this mix for the couple as the second photographers for the event. Tim Willoughby was the primary. Working with him to find all the photo-worthy moments of this Little Compton wedding was fun and fulfilling.

Capturing Hidden Moments At This Little Compton Wedding

It was our job to capture some of the often overlooked moments. This included the groom taking a last look at his wedding vows, the small boys who brought in the couple’s dog, and the cute flower girls carefully doing their jobs. 

There were others too, moments that were easily lost, such as a pair of soon-to-be important umbrellas lying side by side, the chairs arranged before the ceremony, and the food being prepared. We like to look for these moments; whether as primary or secondary photographers because they help tell the story of the wedding. 

They had the wedding on the cliffs near the rocky shore. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain right before the ceremony started. Everyone rushed back inside to the cocktail area to wait. We should probably mention there was no backup plan. This was a wedding with a lot of thought put into it. However, anything can happen at a wedding, and the weather proved that.

However, this deterred no one. If anything, it inspired them. The amazing team of vendors ran to dry off the chairs when the rain stopped. The rain wasn’t deterred either though, and it began to come down again when the ceremony started back up. 

Instead of being disappointed though, the couple remained carefree. They turned what could’ve been a disaster into a memorable experience. With the help of those cute, clear umbrellas, this Little Compton wedding finished as planned and was a great showcase of what love and togetherness can accomplish.

Final Thoughts On This Little Compton Wedding

We could gush forever about Kendall and Brian’s Little Compton wedding. They reminded us and everyone around them you can make the best of any bad situation if you have the right attitude. For that alone, and for the opportunity to take some great photos for them, we were happy to be a part of their experience.

If you’re putting together your own Little Compton wedding or a wedding elsewhere, we’d love to be a part of your experience too. We’re a passionate photography and videography team who are more than willing to stand in the rain to get the photos and videos you want. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll get started right away!

Wedding Vendors

Main Photographer: Tim Willoughby
Second Shooter: For Fearless Hearts

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