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Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York

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Couple sharing an embrace during their wedding shoot with For Fearless Hearts; image overlaid with text that reads Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York

Finding luxury wedding venues in New York is easier said than done. Having worked on countless weddings, we completely get why. The venue is the one detail that makes all the other details of a wedding come together, even dictating the wedding’s feel and overall aesthetic. In that sense, a wedding venue is essential, something you can’t do without.

We also know looking for the perfect venue can be overwhelming simply because there are so many options. New York alone has lots of incredible venues. To help you out, we have chosen four of the best luxury wedding venues in New York that are elegant, glamorous, and have a timeless style. Having four gives you options without being overwhelming. 

Now, let’s get started.

The Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues In New York

Up first on our list of luxury wedding venues in New York is one we’re quite fond of since we’ve shot there before. It’s Tribeca Rooftop, and here’s why you should consider it for your luxury wedding venue.

#1 – Tribeca Rooftop

Set on the cobblestone streets of the Tribeca neighborhood, this versatile events space has both a charming old New York charm and a modern chic tone all at once. This easily earns it a spot on this list of luxury wedding venues in New York.

Most couples go for an outdoor ceremony on the 14,000-square-foot rooftop terrace that can seat up to 325 people. It has a 360-degree view of the New York skyline, downtown and uptown Manhattan, and the Hudson River. 

Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York. Couple with bridal party posing with view of the sea and city behind them.

Not surprisingly, the terrace is also a favorite photo spot, whether for capturing candids or romantic couple shots after the ceremony. But the view is hands-down most beautiful at golden hour, with the open area awash in natural light.

Indoors is a lovely events space with glass windows 25 feet tall, which let you still appreciate the spectacular city view. There are also dedicated prep rooms for the bride and groom before and after the event, plus the couple gets to have a private entrance – complete with private attendants and valet service.

Among the luxury wedding venues in New York we’ve shot in, Tribeca Rooftop is definitely a favorite.

#2 – The New York Public Library

Another of our favorite luxury wedding venues in New York is the New York Public Library. Constructed in the French Beaux-Arts style, it opened in 1911 as an architectural masterpiece, complete with ornate details, intricate interior carvings, and a marble facade that continues to inspire awe today. 

Step into any of its halls and events spaces, and you right away get a sense of old glamor. It’s the perfect reception venue for an elegant event. 

From a photographer’s or videographer’s point of view, it’s a fantastic venue to work with. Everywhere you turn, there is a magnificent backdrop, whether it’s the stone walls, the high arches, or the marble columns. 

Among all the luxury wedding venues in New York we’ve worked in, we really enjoy witnessing couples bask in this place’s old-world charm. It lends a certain class and timelessness to the whole affair that other places might not do quite as well.

One thing to consider, however, if you’re thinking about choosing the New York Public Library among the many luxury wedding venues in New York is that it is not open for religious weddings. You can still have a civil ceremony there though, or you could just hold your reception there and have the ceremony somewhere else. For further clarification, take a look at the New York Public Library’s FAQ page for rental information.

#3 – The Foundry

If you’re looking for luxury wedding venues in New York that are classic, versatile, and elegant, The Foundry should be at the top of your list. This popular favorite has been around since the 19th century and is one of the most charming venues in the New York area.

It has brick walls, a spacious open courtyard, a terrace, a greenhouse, and even unique indoor balconies. Plus, as a venue, it can accommodate up to 180 people. Add in some warm lights and intricate flower settings, and you’re set up for a wonderful day. 

As it is though, it’s already such a charming place that’s perfect for a quiet ceremony with close friends and family. Anything else is simply an added bonus.

If you want more photo-op spots, you can also rent the Foundry Terrace and the Du Val Terrace, but even without these, you won’t run out of beautiful backdrops, whether indoors or outdoors. The indoor staircase against a brick wall, for one, is an excellent spot that exudes plenty of warmth.

#4 – 620 Loft & Garden

The 620 Loft & Garden looks like something out of a fairytale, and it’s beyond deserving to be on this list of the best luxury wedding venues in New York. It’s a rooftop garden venue set right in the middle of New York. You’ll get a great view of Fifth Avenue, the city, and the sky as you enjoy the carefully maintained garden space with its reflecting pool. 

Bride approaching groom standing with his back to her at 620 Loft & Garden, one of the Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York

Conveniently, the loft is attached to the garden, providing an elegant indoor space for receptions or unexpected weather. The 620 Loft & Garden also offers a list of preferred vendors. It also has sample menus of what you can expect on the night. 

All of this helps the 620 Loft & Garden stand out among many luxury wedding venues in New York. It also helps that it’s 3,300 square feet with a reception capacity of 165. It has an interior seating capacity of 120, and an outdoor seating capacity of 75.

Conclusion: The Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York

With so many luxury wedding venues in New York to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But when you’re sure about your style, your vision for the big day, and the kind of experience you want for yourself and your guests, nothing else will suffice. 

We hope this short list of luxury wedding venues in New York helped make your selection process a little easier. That said, we’d love to help you out in other ways too. In case you didn’t know, we’re a luxury photography and videography team. We work tirelessly to capture all the special moments from our clients’ big days. 

So, let us know what we can do for you. We’d love to hear from you.


Couple leaning in for a kiss with view of New York building behind them; image overlaid with text that reads Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York
Black and white photo of couple posing together during their wedding shoot with For Fearless Hearts; image overlaid with text that reads Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues in New York

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