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Zoe And Mike’s Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Videos

Getting to know Zoe and Mike was an incredible experience. One of the best parts about getting to know our clients is getting ideas from them we can use to make their videos even more special. One such example came when we were chatting with them during their engagement session. They mentioned they wanted some family members to speak on camera for the video. This immediately sparked Kelly’s imagination, reminding her of When Harry Met Sally and how throughout the movie older married folks were interviewed.

After rewatching the movie, Kelly’s idea was solidified. We were going to talk to the older family members and married couples at Zoe and Mike’s wedding to get their take on the secret to a happy marriage. We even set up a mini-studio in a separate room during cocktail hour for them. To say it was a lot of fun would be an understatement, and it’s difficult to imagine Zoe and Mike’s wedding or their Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photos and videos without it.

How their Story Began

Ever met the love of your life, kept a journal documenting your relationship for years, got engaged, and set the wedding day only to have to cancel it multiple times? This is the story of our clients, Zoe and Mike. They finally decided on something unconventional: a small wedding in 2021 and a celebration in 2022 at the Pleasantdale Chateau, where we took these Pleasantdale Chateau wedding videos. So, their “wedding day” was actually on their first anniversary!

Sometimes stories really do have happy endings. 

This is what we love about making videos for our clients at their weddings, engagements, and other ceremonies. It’s that we get to capture those stories for them, those happy endings, and their new beginnings. Now, we’d like to expand a bit more on Zoe and Mike’s for you.

Zoe And Mike’s Wedding Day

We talked to you about the events leading up to Zoe and Mike’s Pleasantdale Chateau wedding videos, but, as you likely know, there’s a lot that goes into the design of a wedding. Part of being a good videography team is knowing how much thought has gone into a wedding day and what those thoughts are. 

For instance, Zoe knew she wasn’t interested in a traditional wedding dress for her Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photos and videos. For her, the only choice was a jumpsuit! But the carefully thought-out details of Zoe and Mike’s wedding go beyond that. Another example was the pillow used to carry their rings. It was sewn with fabric and details from Zoe’s mother’s wedding day. 

There are more examples, too. Their cake topper was a handmade figurine of the two of them holding a fencing blade. This was because they both enjoyed the hobby together. Also, since Zoe is a fine art curator, their venue and its decor carried the inspiration of a Renaissance painting. And since Mike is a musician, he got up at one point during the reception to play with his band, which drove the crowd wild! 

But Zoe and Mike did have some classic traditions at their wedding too. They partook in Jewish traditions, such as a gorgeous floral-lined chuppah, the breaking of the glass, and an energetic hora. 

Interested In Your Own Pleasantdale Wedding Videos?

We truly loved getting to work with and for Zoe and Mike, and we loved getting to capture memories that’ll stick with them forever. Whether it’s taking Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photos and videos or doing them somewhere else, we’d love to work with you. Let us know what you’re looking for so we can start developing the best way to capture your special day!

Wedding Vendors

Photography and Videography: For Fearless Hearts
Florals: Crest Florist
HMU: Kathleen Benjamin
Band: Starlight Music
Venue: Pleasantdale Chateau

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