Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

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Newlywed couple sharing a kiss during their wedding shoot with For Fearless Hearts, image overlaid with text that reads Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

We always want to educate couples on how to best plan out their weddings. Since one of the biggest decisions to make for a wedding is the venue, we wanted to help by highlighting one in particular: Pleasantdale Chateau. We’ve shot there before, so we feel confident you’ll find a lot of value in our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide.

Are you ready to start? Good because we are excited to tell you all about Pleasantdale Chateau.

A Short History Of Pleasantdale Chateau

To start off our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide, we’d like to talk about its history. Pleasantdale Chateau, in their own words, is a luxury event venue in New Jersey. As such, it has a long and exciting history, which we think is an important part of venues like this one. After all, wedding venues with a touch of history add that history to your own when you get married there.

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide. View of the gorgeous wedding venue from outside with fountain.

As for Pleasantdale Chateau’s history, it started as a set of Dutch farms in the 1800s. Back then, the area was known as Pleasantdale Farms. Eventually, Charles Walter Nichols, a renowned industrialist, bought it.

Since he and his wife were fond of medieval European architecture, they hired August N. Allen, an architect, to turn Pleasantdale Farms into a dream vacation home. With that in mind, Nichols and Allen toured Europe in search of some inspiration. They even brought building materials like Spanish and Portuguese tiles over, which they installed in the conservatory and the indoor pool.

Later, in 1994, the Knowles family acquired the estate. Over time, they developed it to both honor its history and serve as a luxury event venue, which it still operates as today. 

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

We know there’s a lot to cover in our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide. There’s just so much to take in. So, we broke our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide into sections. That way, you can read through what’s here at your own pace and won’t feel overwhelmed while doing so. 

However, there is a reason this location has been used by major fashion brands, magazines, movies, and even high-profile couples. Basically, feel free to get a little excited about it! 

So, let’s start our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide with the chateau’s venue options.

#1 – Venue Options

There are two venue options we’d like to highlight for you in our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide: the outdoors and the Grand Ballroom.

When we mentioned shooting at the chateau before, we were referring to our amazing wedding photoshoot with Mike and Zoe, who opted for an outdoor wedding. The grounds where theirs took place were incredibly well-kept. It had just the right amount of trees, a pond, gazebo, stone paths, and a colorful variety of foliage. It was as peaceful as it was beautiful.

But even though we loved Mike and Zoe’s outdoor wedding, our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide wouldn’t be complete without talking about the Grand Ballroom area as well. It is so colorful and vibrant! The ballroom is fitted with tall windows all around its outer edge and another one on top, all of which allow natural light to mix with the mood-setting sources within. That, plus its size and decor, easily make it worthy of being called grand.

#2 – Venue Size

Pleasantdale Chateau is a massive place. There are a ton of rooms, and since it’s so large, you can really spread out. Just the dance floor alone is big, and it lends itself well to guest counts of 100+.

Couple crowdsurfing on the dancefloor at the grand ballroom of Pleasantdale Chateau

#4 – Bride and Groom Suites

One amenity we wanted to point out in our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide is the bride and groom suites. These are amazing suites, with one for the bride and two for the groom.

The bridal suite feels both homey and upscale at the same time. It’s not easy pulling off a mix of practicality with elegance, but the bridal suite, just like the Pleasantdale Chateau, does it well. It has areas to relax, prepare, and enjoy spending time with friends and family on the big day. Plus, it’s connected to some hotel rooms where you and your guests can stay. That’s in addition to the amazing on-site bridal attendant team. As a bride, you’ll feel well taken care of. 

For the grooms, one of the suites is upstairs and has lots of natural lighting, which is great for photos. The other suite is a lounge area that just oozes cool. It has games like pool, a barber shop area, and a TV. It’s the kind of place a groom and his groomsmen would want to hang out. The only drawback is a lack of natural lighting, so photos can be tricky, but we’ll find a way to make it work for you. 

#5 – Unique Antique Elements

One thing we must include in our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide is how the place is full of antique furniture and decor.

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide. Couple posing with each other in the pool room.

Each piece is uniquely beautiful and has been carefully restored to its former glory by meticulous artisans. Keep in mind they’re just there to look at and not be touched, but they’d be great backdrops for some wedding photos.

#6 – Enough Photo Spots To Fill Up An Entire Day

While we’re always willing to go above and beyond for our couples, we are, first and foremost, a wedding photography and videography team. So, having shot at Pleasantdale Chateau before, we wanted to take part of our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide to tell you there are tons of locations for photos and videos. 

It’s a big place with indoor and outdoor spots you’ll want to explore and capture some special moments in. We’re not just telling you this because of how incredible it is though. We’re also telling you this so you can give yourself lots and lots of extra time in your timeline. You’ll need it to make full use of what Pleasantdale Chateau offers, which includes an amazing greenhouse!

#7 – Accommodating Different Types Of Weddings

Not every wedding is the same. We love that about people and weddings, and we want to celebrate what makes their weddings unique.

Pleasantdale Chateau does too.

Destination Weddings And Multi-Day Weddings

There’s not much to be said here for our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide other than the fact that the chateau is well-aware just one day won’t work for every couple. They know they’re a destination wedding location, and they know their couples and guests see going there as an experience worth drawing out. 

So, they are fully prepared to deliver the multi-day experience they’re looking for.

Same-Sex Weddings

We love when wedding venues open their arms to the LGBTQ+ population. Not every place does, so when one goes out of its way to mention it on their site, especially one as elegant and high-end as Pleasantdale Chateau, we want to go out of our way to mention it too.

High-Profile And Celebrity Weddings

Pleasantdale Chateau knows it’s the kind of venue high-profile and celebrity couples want to visit and get married in. Knowing that, they go out of their way to provide extreme privacy and exceptional guest services when their couples need it.

#8 – Interested In A Helicopter Ride?

Weddings don’t come around all that often, so why not go big with yours? Pleasantdale Chateau is one of the very few wedding venues with a private heliport that offers helicopter rides to brides, grooms, and their wedding guests. 

It doesn’t have to be a part of your Pleasantdale Chateau experience, but if it was, it would make for some unforgettable photos and a great part of your video too.

#9 – Preferred Vendors

We’re always glad when wedding venues list their preferred vendors. Doing so makes the wedding planning process so much easier for the bride and groom. Plus, you know you’re getting high-quality services if a wedding venue as high-end as Pleasantdale Chateau recommends someone. 

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide. Wedding reception table set up with elegant floral centerpiece.

Venue Prices and Costs

For the last part of our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide, we’re going to discuss price. As you may expect, all this elegance and exceptional quality do come with some cost. We never want to pressure anyone into making a choice, but Pleasantdale Chateau is worth it. 

Black and white photo of wedding guests huddling outside the venue for cocktail hour, taken by For Fearless Hearts

While the chateau doesn’t list the price on its site, you can reach out to them for additional information. Just so we don’t leave you nothing, we did some research, and WeddingWire lists the price range as between $31,000 and $42,000. Keep in this will just be an estimate, and the actual price will depend on how many guests you’re bringing, how many days you’ll be there, what time of year it is, and what day of the week it is. 

Conclusion: Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost And Planning Guide

We always hope our clients walk away from their experiences with us feeling satisfied. So, it’s our hope that our Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost and planning guide leaves you feeling the same way. And, if you’re considering heading there for your wedding, we’d love to help even further. We provide both photography and videography services, and we’d be more than happy to put our prior experience at the chateau to use for you. So, let us know!


Bride and groom looking at each other endearingly during their wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide
Black and white photo of couple descending the stairs together; image overlaid with text that reads Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Cost and Planning Guide

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