Manyi and Brandon’s Whimsical Bronx Botanical Garden Wedding Photos

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Bride and groom pressing their foreheads against each other during their wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads Whimsical Bronx Botanical Garden Wedding Photos

Sometimes, good comes from bad. In the case of Manyi and Brandon’s Bronx Botanical Garden wedding photos at Stone Mill, although we would never wish this on anyone, the bad struck when their original wedding photographer, unfortunately, fell through. While searching for a replacement, they saw Kelly’s portfolio and chose us to help capture their special day. To say we were honored would be an understatement, and to say we were happy to step in and help would be one too. 

This is how everything went.

Before Their Wedding

Manyi and Brandon both live in New York City, which is also where they met! Before their wedding, we met up in Brooklyn and did their engagement shoot at DUMBO, which, for those of you who may not know, stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It was a special place for them, and the engagement shoot brimmed with that NYC feel that meant so much to them.

When it came time to prepare for their Bronx Botanical Garden wedding photos at Stone Mill, we helped choose locations for the first look, couple’s portraits, family portraits, and bridal party portraits. Stone Mill had a ton of outdoor space, which was both a blessing and a curse for us. It was a blessing because it had so many incredible locations to use, and it was a curse because getting to use all of them while managing a timeline was tough! We worked with the couple to develop something that would work for everyone though, and their photos turned out just as magical as the venue.

Manyi And Brandon’s Bronx Botanical Garden Wedding Photos At Stone Mill

What made Stone Mill such a magical place to shoot was its fairytale feel. It was overflowing with carefully maintained greenery laced through with stone paths and surrounded by dense forests. It popped with colors too, such as reds, whites, purples, and more. Everything felt sacred and precious, and Manyi and Brandon designed their wedding to match with delicate florals and lace. 

All of it came together for the ceremony, which featured a unique hexagonal wedding arch as a centerpiece. But the couple easily stole the show anyway, bringing a sense of elegance and composure to their Bronx Botanical Garden wedding photos. It was clear they were ready to tie the knot, and we couldn’t have been happier for them. 

When it was all said and done, the reception was next. Even with caricatures and bubble guns, those two remained as composed as ever, but that’s not to say they didn’t know how to cut loose either. You’ll find plenty of pictures showing them dancing, laughing, and smiling, all while celebrating with their friends and family.

Loving Stone Mill

We love the Stone Mill wedding venue for so many reasons. Now we get to add Manyi and Brandon’s Bronx Botanical Garden wedding photos to that list too! 

We did want to point out one thing, however, if you’re considering Stone Mill for your wedding too. It’s an incredible venue, but the bridal suite is very small, fitting only two to three people. It doesn’t have natural light either. We’re bringing this up because while we still recommend the venue, we also recommend planning to get ready in a separate location. 

We’d also love to continue to help you with your wedding too. While we’re ready to take some more Bronx Botanical Garden wedding photos, we’re always open to wherever you want to go. Let us know where that is, and we’ll help you plan accordingly.

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