Bride and groom smiling at each other during their wedding shoot with For Fearless Hearts; image overlaid with text that reads Wintry Cop Cot Central Park Wedding

Leslie and Ben’s Cop Cot Central Park wedding was a long journey in the making. Parts of it included an ocean, paperwork, a cop car, Ave Maria, and the streets of New York City. It all started eight years ago in a bar.

A Long Journey

The bar where Leslie and Ben met was in the UK, where Ben is from. Leslie was visiting, and they hit it off. Eight years passed with their relationship growing and thriving across the Atlantic until Ben finally got his visa approved. 

After the approval, they had a short 90-day window to get all the paperwork done and have their wedding. The process was long and stressful, but their beautiful, emotional, and intimate Cop Cot Central Park wedding was worth the wait. Now, they most look forward to doing regular couple’s activities together, like watching movies on the couch, and they definitely earned it.

A Special Cop Cot Central Park Wedding

The theme for their Cop Cot Central Park wedding was Christmas in New York, which we loved. It combined the magic of Central Park, the holiday lights and decor of 5th Avenue, and Old New York glamor. The romance was elevated even further with a deep red and white color palette, complemented by the bride’s silky white dress and bright red lips.

As part of the planning process, we worked with Leslie and Ben to decide the best locations for their portrait session. We were working on a tight timeline because of the short daylight hours. For reference, sunset in the winter is at 4:30 P.M. So, we put our New York and wedding experience to use helping them prioritize the most important locations. We also suggested some nighttime street photography since New York’s city lights make for an incredible backdrop.

Putting it all into action felt like scenes out of a romantic comedy. We were running all over Central Park in the freezing cold for their Cop Cot Central Park wedding photos! There were quite a few surprises along the way too.

For example, at one point, while we were walking by Bethesda Fountain, we all jumped when a police car stationed there blasted a quick siren. That was just so the officer could jump on the intercom and say, “Congratulations,” though, and everyone cheered as a result. 

Somehow, people must’ve known about Leslie and Ben’s journey just to get to have their Cop Cot Central Park wedding because so many New Yorkers stopped us throughout the day to clap, cheer, and congratulate them. They also told Leslie how beautiful she looked, and some even offered to toss the veil or hold the bouquet. 

Whoever said New Yorkers are rude never got married there is all we’re saying here. 

Final Thoughts on this Cop Cot Central Park Wedding

We’re honored Leslie and Ben trusted us with their Cop Cot Central Park wedding photos. Their wedding obviously meant a lot to them, and we wish them all the best with relaxing on the couch and watching movies together. 

When they contacted us, they explained they chose us because we’ve shot in New York City before and are known to capture a candid, editorial vibe in the city. We bring this up because if you’re looking for something similar, we’re ready to run around in the freezing cold and get scared by police sirens with you too. It’s all part of your journey, and we’re ready to help you with this part of it. Just let us know!

Wedding Vendors

Photography and Videography: For Fearless Hearts
Venue: Central Park
Reception Venue: Brasserie Cognac
Officiant: Honeybreak Officiants
Hair and Makeup: Melissa Formica Beauty
Florals: Pink Jasmine Designs

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