Lia + Aasim’s Tropical Finest Punta Cana Wedding Photos

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Bride and groom sharing an embrace during their wedding shoot with For Fearless Hearts; image overlaid with text that reads Tropical Finest Punta Cana Wedding Photos

We are always grateful when clients choose to work with us. We’re even more grateful when they go out of their way to do so. That was the case with Lia and Aasim’s Finest Punta Cana wedding photos. The resort, Finest Punta Cana, provides all-inclusive packages, and since we weren’t part of those packages, they required an outside vendor fee. Lia and Aasim avoided this by having us stay at the resort.

All of this is to say we were already going to go out of our way for Lia and Aasim’s Finest Punta Cana wedding photos, just like we do for all of our couples, but we were going to do it even more knowing how much work they were doing just to have us shoot their wedding. So, we’d like to go out of our way for them again to show just how amazing they were and how their wedding reflected that, starting with an overview of some of the events they planned.

A Multi-Day Wedding

Lia and Aasim’s entire wedding was inspired by the Finest Punta Cana resort. The first day was a catamaran boat trip with their closest friends and family. They had a variety of activities planned, including snorkeling, dolphin watching, swimming, dancing on the boat, and using the slide. We have to say it’s hard to beat a wedding with a boat slide. 

But Lia and Aasim weren’t done yet. They followed up this incredible boat trip with an elegant “White Party” welcome event on the resort’s terrace. All the guests dressed in white, which created a stunning and elevated look. 

The resort’s architecture inspired the next day. Clean, modern lines created beautiful symmetry that helped us create some equally beautiful Finest Punta Cana wedding photos for this incredible couple.

What was even better was how the clean, modern look of the resort contrasted so well with the natural, beachy tropics of the Dominican Republic, where the Finest Punta Cana resort is located. Even the local flamingoes made an appearance, and we would not have put it past the resort or the couple to have somehow orchestrated this too. 

The Couple That Stood Up To The Storm

Speaking of the couple, they weren’t done impressing yet. For her Finest Punta Cana wedding photos, Lia commissioned two different dress designers and then had the two dresses put together to create a truly unique and personal look. 

It should go without saying by now, but this was an involved couple who wanted to create something truly special, and they did.

But then there was the storm. 

Immediately after the ceremony, a tropical storm crashed their wedding. Since the entire wedding was outside, including the gorgeous cafe lights and decor, this was quite the problem. The rain came pouring down, but the entire resort staff rushed to bring the event to a covered area, which was their charming nearby restaurant. Thankfully, since tropical storms are commonplace on Dominican beaches, the coordinator and staff knew exactly what the backup plan was.

And Lia and Aasim? They didn’t let it ruin their day at all! They took it all in stride. 

So, everyone came inside, warmed up with a great bar menu and an incredible guitar trio serenading them through cocktail hour. The wedding resumed, and the rain cleared up in time for us to get some awesome nighttime shots under the cafe lights.

Not even a storm could stop these two.

A Little More About Lia And Aasim’s Finest Punta Cana Wedding Photos

We will talk about ourselves for a moment, but just for a moment. This is Lia and Aasim’s story, and we want to keep respecting that. 

One thing that always bothers us on behalf of the couples we work with is the fact that timelines are often rushed, and things fall behind. As a result, couples’ portrait sessions get cut short. So, we encouraged Lia and Aasim to add one the morning after the wedding. It was a big ask, but we believe in sessions like this, so there’s no rush, and, with places like the Finest Punta Cana resort, there’s plenty of time to make use of its stunning spots. 

Being the incredible couple they were, they trusted us. So, the next day we met at sunrise, which, for a couple that just got married and did so through a storm, says more than we ever could about them. Together, we developed some more Finest Punta Cana wedding photos, then we swapped for swimsuits and got some incredible underwater photos and videos in the pool. 

We’re Always Grateful For The Fearless Hearts

We said at the beginning of this whole story that we’re grateful for couples like Lia and Aasim. We want to say that again but with one more reason to add to the list.

Lia and Aasim, through their fearlessness, gave us the opportunity to put our fearlessness to use for them. In short, we got to put our fearless hearts to work for other fearless hearts, and there’s no better gift we could’ve asked for.

Thank you, Lia and Aasim, for the opportunity to take your Finest Punta Cana wedding photos, and thank you for being you. We wish you all the best!

Wedding Vendors

Photography and Videography: For Fearless Hearts
Venue, Florals, Coordination, DJ, Catering: Finest Excellence Resorts Punta Cana (This is an all-inclusive resort, so they have packages that include everything you need! However, the couple chose to go with us rather than the resort photographer. Usually, the resorts require some kind of outside vendor fee, which the couple was able to avoid by having us stay at the resort.)

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