Brett and David’s Community-Based Sculpture Courtyard Wedding Photos

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Bride and groom smiling at each other during wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads Community Based Sculpture Courtyard Wedding Photos

We love taking photos of couples in love celebrating their special day, and this Sculpture Courtyard wedding was no exception. Brett and David created an amazing wedding, which just so happened to start years earlier with a little acting.

From Fake To Real Husband And Wife

Brett and David are both professional theater actors based in Philadelphia, and they were cast as husband and wife in a theater production some time ago. Love blossomed between them, and years later, they became a real husband and wife!

For their ceremony, they decided to have a Sculpture Courtyard wedding with the director of the first show they did together serving as their officiant. 

A Dutch Still-Life Painting Theme

This idea of community inspired so much of Brett and David’s Sculpture Courtyard wedding as well, which we’ll go into more below. However, Dutch still-life painting was another inspiration for their wedding theme. 

To develop this theme, Brett worked with a designer to create the amazing tablescapes. We don’t know about you, but we don’t often see fruit featured instead of flowers, and we thought Brett’s arrangements were incredible. The glassware was all sourced from recycled materials Brett collected the year before the wedding.

Together, these elements created setpieces that, when light spilled in through the warehouse, perfectly resembled a Dutch still-life painting. Sometimes we still catch ourselves looking at these photos, amazed at how well Brett and her designer brought everything together. 

Strong Community Spirit At This Sculpture Courtyard Wedding

As we mentioned before, community was a big part of this Sculpture Courtyard wedding. In that respect, three moments stand out to us the most.

One of the three moments involved music. Brett and David’s community gathered to sing at the start of the ceremony. It was beautiful and amazing. 

Another moment saw the couple passing their wedding rings from guest to guest, asking them to make a blessing or a wish on the rings before they were returned to the couple for the ring exchange. It was a lovely moment that everyone, including us, enjoyed. 

The last moment was a surprise from Brett and David’s community. One by one, their dear friends and colleagues stood up and recited a few lines of poetry dedicated to the couple. They did this until the couple could look around the ceremony space and see all their community members standing up to witness and support their marriage. 

Blue Hour Portraits

One last part of Brett and David’s Sculpture Courtyard wedding we’d like to highlight is their portraits. We weren’t sure if we’d have much time for those shots, so after dinner and before speeches, we pulled the couple outside for some blue-hour photos after the sun had set. With the string lights at the venue, these shots turned out to be our favorites!

Ready For The Same Experience?

When it comes to wedding day stories like Brett and David’s, capturing them is our greatest joy. Capturing them doesn’t have to involve any work on your part though. All you have to do is talk to us about your day and what you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

In other words, we’re the ones working behind the scenes while you enjoy your special day. If you’re ready to do so, let us know.

Wedding Vendors

Photography and Videography: For Fearless Hearts
Venue: The Sculpture Courtyard
Coordinator: Robin Stamey of Seven Engines
Hair and Makeup: Akyiaa Wilson

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